About Us

Sumac Fabrication is an ISO 9001 Certified Canadian Company established in 2004 that manufactures portable power and lighting equipment for heavy industrial work sites.

There are two separate product lines, these are; equipment to be used where explosive gases or dusts are present in the atmosphere (i.e. Class I, Zone II Hazardous Areas) AND equipment to be used where there are no explosive atmospheres present, often referred to as general purpose.

Sumac’s core business is portable power and we specialize in plant expansions, shut downs, turnarounds and maintenance within hazardous areas as well as general purpose equipment for non-hazardous areas. Safely and efficiently distributing power and lighting in the hazardous environment encountered every day in industrial facilities is the focus of Sumac and the corner stone of our success.

Our focus throughout design development has always been on safety and providing our end users with the ability to get the job done efficiently.  Oil & Gas, Petro Chemical, Mining and Power Generation Companies have hazardous areas within their operations, as such, the proper electrical equipment must be used that meets these hazardous ratings.  Plant shutdowns, turnarounds and continuous maintenance are everyday activities in an operating environment and using the properly rated electrical equipment is essential to personnel safety and getting the plant up and running as quickly as possible.

Large Mega Projects and smaller type plant expansions also have a tremendous need for a reliable construction power system.  Sumac takes care of all project requirements and specialized equipment for higher voltage Utility connections (i.e. 25 kV), all the way down to the 120 VAC grinder being plugged in on the working platform.

Sumac customers will see features and efficiencies built into the design that distinguishes Sumac from any other suppliers.